In 21st century, where all new kind of diseases is getting into the light, one more silent devil is obesity. Obesity is nothing but a medical condition in which there is excessive accumulation of fat in body parts which has adverse effects on her health. It has grown up to become the most common problem among women all over the world. It has also been common among children and men, but its effect has been mostly seen among women community. It has large number of negative impacts not just on health but indirectly it can affect the whole economics of a country.


The World Health Organization estimates that about 1 billion people all over the world today are overweight and a victim of medical condition called obesity. People don’t even come to know when they exactly got caught into obesity’s web and by the time they became aware, it’s too late. Due to less physical activities at an early stage of life and with a lavish lifestyle of getting everything spoon fed, children are actually becoming a bigger victim of it. Bad eating habits, less physical exercise, lifestyle & genetic reasons etc. are some of the major contributors of increasing the number of obese people all over the world.


Being obese opens your door to innumerable diseases and negative impacts affecting your normal day to day life. Some of the ill-effects are mentioned below:-

There is a long list of such ill-effects on normal human life of this simple fat accumulation in a human body.


You see articles on internet for topics like, “how to make boobs bigger” and for solution they simply write a point, gain fats. But they never tell you the exact amount. Hence obesity has no escape if you are careless about your own self. Improve your eating habits in a healthier way, increase physical activities, lead a healthy comfortable life and yes help others too, attain the same.